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Who is your enemy?

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I will tell a quick story that actually happened recently, An Elder of our church recently had to have heart surgery, He was placed in room 213 which he later found out to be the room where the most people have died. Many strange things happened from moving chairs, air conditioning failing, to a strange alarm going off, but one particular incident he shared with me is when his niece came to visit,(she's about 15 yrs old)She sat in the same chair that he saw move earlier. (The chair moved from against the wall to his side with no assistance)While his niece was there, He said he saw a man in the hall with a pointed hat and a trench coat asking him to come out into the hall, he told his sister who was also in the room He was not going into the hall, then the man pointed to his niece asking if she would come. His niece soon after Passed out(incoherent when she woke up didn't know where she was) and had to be rushed downstairs to the emergency room, and that same niece when she got home had to be rushed by ambulance again to the hospital. The niece said she saw the same man except instead of seeing a point hat, she said he had a pointed head. I tell that story to say, yes demons are real, we have to believe in the devil and his angels, no less than we believe in God meaning...That we must know our enemy and acknowledge that he exist because, the Word of God wouldn't be true if he didn't. Knowing your enemy helps you to war. I don't know any nation that would go to war without first sizing up their enemy, and planning their attack according. We are soldiers Saints of the most high, we have a war Spiritually so. Lets put on the whole armor of God, and get out our weapons. We have an enemy to destroy!(be praying for that young girl in the story, that this attack will not prevail in her future)

FURTHER INSIGHTS ON THIS STORY: The Elder of my church had the hospital staff move him from that room, and when they did the man across the hall passed away(code blue), Also the hospital staff knew about this room and the starnge things, when he told them about the chair they laughed.
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