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A friend of mine needs some counseling.
He met a lady last year,who he started dating.Along the line, he lost self-control and indulge in sexual relationship with her.
He has planned getting married this year, that means he has the intention of any relationship he found himself to lead to marriage.
But during the month of March, he have this feeling that he is kind of on the fast lane in respect of the relationship and his spirit tells him that he is on the wrong path. So he told his girlfriend that he needed some space.Only for his girlfriend to tell him that she is pregnant.
The guy is saying he cannot marry her. There has been so much drama since then.
Now to confirm the truth of the pregnancy, my friend asked his girlfriend that they should go do pregnancy test, so he could tell his parents that his girlfriend is pregnant for him.
But the lady said NO that she can only go for the test on the condition that my friend will marry her.
My friend insisted that no lady can force him to marry her.And he has made up his mind not to marry her again.But will take care of the responsibility of taking care of the baby and her too.
He is even undergoing spiritual overhauling on overcoming sexual sin.
This guy in question is a leader in his local church and is contemplating of resigning from the post in his church so he deal with the challenge of sexual sin so he can come clean.
He has finally concluded that he will wait for the next 4 months to see if the lady tummy will protrude out before he go tells his parents.
He is working on the spirit of lust for now.
How about informing his parents....he wants to wait till 3 months time when the tummy of the lady has protruded out before telling them.Since the lady refused going for a pregnancy test unless that my friend say he will marry her.
That decision okay?
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