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MORNIN MY new BS fam...Here is an INTERESTING article/concept that I wanted to share it with you....

I was doing a little bit of re-reading in one of my favorite books “Your First Year in Network Marketing” and I found a really clever excerpt that I wanted to share with all of you. For all of you who don’t know, this book was actually written by a professional theologian, Mark Yarnell however this excerpt is actually taken from another theologian named Dr. Robert Neff from Dallas, Texas.

When Dr. Neff first entered into the network marketing profession he had received a lot of negativity from those who had a tremendous amount of respect for him. Their greatest argument was that the business was fundamentally flawed: “taking advantage of others for your own personal gain.” He knew that this wasn’t his experience, but their words stayed in his head and held him back from building his business, making him depressed.

As he was coming to grips with his place in the industry and his emerging religious faith, he had an astounding realization one morning: Network Marketing was modeled after Christianity. So he frantically wrote down the parallels that he saw, and as he did so, the doubts he was harboring about this industry left him. He knew at that moment that network marketing was an inherently good industry that revolved around helping others help themselves. After writing down all the similarities, and reading them, Dr. Neff’s depression left him. Here is what he wrote:

1.It is very unlikely you’ll learn about it unless someone else invites you to see it.
2.You are shown something that initially sounds too good to be true.
3.You are given support for its validity, but mostly through personal stories, and hence your belief is based mostly on faith.
4.You are told that you must first believe before you can experience the incredible benefits.
5.You can measure your belief by the amount of good that goes on around you.
6.You are given a manual to guide you.
7.While you may not understand it at first, you are asked to be teachable and follow those who have already experienced what still lies ahead for you.
8.Along the way, you will encounter difficulties and you will need to ask for assistance.
9.When up, you’re asked to help others beneath you; and when down, you’re able to get help from above.
10.That assistance will be given in a form that will make you stronger and more self-sufficient.
11.You will not be perfect along the way, but as long as you believe, you will reach your destination.
12.You are asked to delay gratification by putting your own needs aside for the time being so you can help others first.
13.Providing this help will require dedication, persistance and hard work.
14.Do not fear people, but instead offer a hand to them even though many will say they do not need your help.
15.By surrounding yourself with other good people who also carry the same beliefs and commitments, you are protected from negatives that can hurt you.
16.You are invited to come together on a regular basis to renew your vision.
17.As a result, you will learn more about yourself, about others, and about life.
18.In the end, you will have directly or indirectly helped thousands of people to live better lives and move on to a better place.
There you have it. I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. There are a lot of people who don’t really understand this industry. Don’t let those people get you down.
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