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Why Can’t Christians Do The Miracles That Jesus and His Disciples Did in The Bible?


Miracles in The Bible

I remember when I first started reading the Bible, I was so amazed by the miracles that Jesus and his disciples did in the Bible. I'm talking about the dead being raised, blind eyes being opened up, the lame walking and people being healed of all kind of diseases, even the demons being cast out of people.

I was truly amazed by this and wanted to know more about Jesus. In fact, I can honestly say that this is one of the main things that really you drew me to Christianity, and closer to Jesus.

Jesus Healed Them All

The Bible says that Jesus healed them all. So, everywhere Jesus went he was healing people. In fact, people just touched him and they would be healed.

So, clearly Jesus has the power and authority to perform all kind of miracles, and signs and wonders while he was on the earth. The concept that Jesus was willing to heal people is what brings a lot of people to him, to Christianity.

I find it amazing that Jesus can heal people and that he wants to heal people because he genuinely loves and cares about them.

The Disciples Could Perform Miracles

The amazing thing about the Bible is that the disciples could also perform miracles just like Jesus. They had the power to cast out demons, raise the dead m, heal the blind eyes, make the lame walk, and more . So, it is clear that they had the power and the ability and the authority from God to do these things.

Seems as if it didn't take any effort on their part to perform these miracles. They simply spoke a word and believed on the name of Jesus and miraculous things began to happen.

These Signs Shall Follow Them That Believe

The Bible says that these signs shall follow them that believe. In fact, these words came from Jesus himself. Jesus said that we should be able to do greater works than what he did.

So, this is why I don't understand why today I don't see these miracles happening the way they did in the Bible. It seems as if we don't have the power today to do signs and wonders.

I often wonder if the reason why we can't do these miracles is because of our lack of faith. The Bible is very big on faith. In fact, the Bible says that without faith, it is impossible to please God.

Also, it seems as if every time Jesus healed someone, he would tell them that their faith has made them whole. So, it is clear that having faith and believing in the word and power of God plays a huge role in miracles happening.

Billons of Believers

I can't help but notice that there are billions of Christians in the world, however, these signs are clearly not following any of us. I never hear on the news about the dead being raised, or the blind receiving their site or anything miraculous as we see in the Bible.

I'm not saying that these things never ever happen, however, I can say with certainty, that they almost never happen. Also, it doesn't matter about the church you go to, the miracles just don't happen as they should, and the signs are not following us, even though we are believers.

So, something is definitely wrong in Christianity today. The Bible says the kingdom of God is not in word but in power. Imagine if the disciples could not perform the miracles they did in the Bible, the early church would not be the same.

So, being able to demonstrate the power of God is very important. Today, Christianity has become a joke, a mockery and there's so many unbelievers in the world who don't take Christianity seriously.

Did God Stop Performing Miracles?

The Bible says that God is the same yesterday today and forever more. So, I don't think that God stopped performing miracles. God does not change, however, we change as a people.

So, I think that there is another reason why we don't have the power and we're not seeing the miracles and signs and wonders as we should. Perhaps , there is a deeper meaning that we don't know about, something that we've been missing all this time.

It makes no sense that we can talk so much about the power in the name of Jesus, however, we are unable to demonstrate this power that we claim is in his name. If our God is so great and so powerful, then where is the power?

These are the questions I find myself asking every single day. I want to know where is the power to heal people. Honestly, why should unbelievers believe in the Bible or in Jesus if we can't give them a legit reason as to why they should believe.

Just because a book says something does not make it through, so, instead of arguing about a book or scripture or beliefs, we should simply demonstrate the power of our God and call it a day.

Even Elijah in the Bible could perform miracles, he called on fire from heaven and demolished the other gods. So, we should be able to do the same thing with our God. We should be able to show that Our God is the true God.

Fake Miracles Today

The crazy thing is that today, there are many false prophets out there who claim that they have the power to perform miracles. However, when you investigate a little further, you'll find that the people that they claim they have healed are not actually healed at all.

When these people are checked out by a medical professional, it becomes obvious that they were never healed at all and are still sick, some people even stop taking their medications and and end up getting worse and some have even died. So, the fake miracles have to stop. I want to see the real power of God and not gimmicks.

No Power in The Church

Today, there's clearly no power in the church. In fact, I feel like church has become a business. Churches today are only about making money.

If you go to church, they are going to try and ask you for money or sell you a book or a CD or something. It is really all about the money, and I think that is the fundamental problem in Christianity.

It should never be about the money because if it is, then that means that we're not doing it from our hearts but because we want monetary gains.

There's a song that Christians sing all the time that says that there is power in the name of Jesus. However, this power is pretty much nowhere to be seen. So, I think there's something definitely wrong and things need to change in Christianity.

I think the church should not be about money and need to get back to the basics, it's time to focus on the power of the Holy Spirit, it's time to focus on saving people and getting them right with God and baptizing them and making sure they are filled with the Holy Ghost.

This is how it should be in the church. I don't care about how many people are in a church, sometimes churches are packed because the pastor is not preaching the word of God and is only telling these people what they want to hear.

In fact, a lot of times what they want to hear is about money and how they can get more things. Sometimes their hearts are far from God and don't want to hear the truth or even the living word that can actually save them. So, either way, things need to change in the churches today.

Sick People in The World

There are so many sick people in the world today. A lot of people are suffering from incurable diseases, and this breaks my heart because I want to see them get healed, I want to see their lives changed.

However, the majority of these people will suffer and most likely die from their sickness. The crazy thing is that people at church will pray for them and they don't actually recover. A lot of them end up dying.

When this happens, the response is always that they didn't have enough faith or God was calling them home. However, This should never be the case.

I'm not saying that miracles don't ever happen, however, what I am saying is that if someone you know is sick, it is very likely that they will not recover; I see it all the time.

People pray and they pray and nothing happens. So, it makes me wonder if they just don't believe or just don't have the power. So, this is what I'm trying to figure out.

I don't expect God to heal everyone

I don't expect God to heal everyone because this is not realistic. I'm not saying that God can't heal every person, however, it's really just not realistic. We live in a world where things happen, and sometimes people are gonna die and go through certain things, its just a part of life. However, that does not mean that a miracles should not happen more often.

I'm talking about the fact that the likelihood of a miracle happening should be way higher than it is now. I say this because miracles almost never happen.

I go to church and I see people being prayed for all the time, I'm talking about people speaking in tongues, running around the church, and shouting and screaming and all kinds of things. However, despite all that energy and effort they put into those things, a lot of people end up dying and are not healed.

No Theatrics From Jesus

The interesting thing is that I didn't see Jesus doing any extra theatrics or anything crazy. I didn't see Jesus or disciples running around anywhere or screaming and shouting to make something happen.

In fact, the only thing that Jesus and his disciples actually did was to simply speak the word and things actually happened. So, you won't find anyone in the Bible that did anything crazy for a miracle to happen. They weren't shouting and screaming and begging for it to happen, they simply believed it.

Sadly, sometimes people think that they're getting more things done if they shout louder are pray longer prayers, however, that is just not the case.

Sometimes people do things because they want to be seen and perhaps that affects the outcome of a miracle. Perhaps, all we have to do is just simply believe and stop all the other nonsense, which isn't needed at all.


To my brothers and sisters from all over the world, I pray that we will seek the face of God. I pray that we will seek God like never before because we are living in a time when people are losing their faith , people are walking away from God.

We live in a world were so many people are hurt and loss and are in need of something different, and need their life to be changed, they need to be healed and delivered from all kind of depression and anxiety and sickness and all manner of evil.

So, it is imperative that we seek the face of God like never before. We have to fast and pray and get into the word of God because that's how we're going to see the change that we want to see in the world.

If you want to see something different, you have to do something that you've never done before.

So, even though I'm not seeing miracles in the world as they happened in the Bible, that does not mean that they can't happen. I believe that these miracles can happen.

Also, I think that the reason why they're not happening is not because of anything to do with God, I think it's because of us. I think because we're not living how we are supposed to live and we're not seeking after God and believing in him as we should.

I think if we change our thinking and truly believe on the word of God that things will start to happen. We can't doubt, and should only believe and trust in the word of God.
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