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The problem with nonbelievers going Christian schools

Hello, I'm back! I know I haven't posted since 2016, but no worries.

I have something to get off my chest, one day I was reading a God TV article talking about a raid on a Christian school in California. I was immediately upset because the school was accused of having drug activity going on. This made me feel that there is an attack on Christian schools. And this came to my mind, why are unbelievers even going to Christian schools if they're just going to make mischief. Like the whole problem in British Columbia at Trinity Western University, dealing with a 2015 ruling by Ontario supreme court came down on the University because certain groups of people who did not follow the university's values claimed the University discriminated against them. Out of frustration, I ask this question, why do they want to go to a Christian school? I will tell you why they just want to make trouble and try to and get these Christian schools to change their values to please those who don't want these Christian views. people who thought it was okay to engage in sexual immorality and homosexuality. If you think that was okay, why go to a Christian school then? It totally makes no sense. I still feel like they were just trying to cause trouble. Those who don't agree with Christian values, then go to a regular school.
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