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Is Jesus Real or He’s Just A Myth?

Jesus is the most historical person in history. Is Jesus real or just a myth? Pretty much everyone has heard about Jesus, even if they don't read the Bible, they know something about Jesus.

The Historical Jesus

Jesus is the most debated person in history; people have been arguing about his existence since forever. So, it's a never ending debate.

Historically, Jesus did exist. We have numerous books and comments and evidence to support this claim. So, there shouldn't even be a question about whether or not Jesus is real or even if he existed.

What is interesting that atheists spend their time talking about someone who they claim doesn't exist. So, it's like they have nothing else to talk about. This is alone should tell you that Jesus does exist.

Believing in Jesus

As a Christian, I believe that Jesus existed. Also, based on my own experience, I believe that he's real. However, each person has to seek after God on their own. So, you shouldn't just believe in Jesus because you were told to. Instead, you should seek after truth on your own.

Why I believe in Jesus

The reason why I believe in Jesus is not because I was told to. Instead, it's because I experienced Jesus for myself. I had my own encounter with the truth, and he has changed my life.

So, I have my own testimonies about Jesus and so do a lot of people. So, many people in this word can speak about how great our God is.

Growing Up In The Church

A lot of people like myself grew in the church. However, that doesn't mean that you're saved or even have a relationship with Jesus.

So, this is why I said that you have to get to know Jesus for yourself and believe in him with all your heart mind body and soul.

My Experience With Jesus

I've been in church all my life, however, the experience I have with Jesus wasn't always the same. My mom and family are Christians so they always took me to church with them.

However, that doesn't mean that I was necessarily into God Like that. As I got older I became more interested.

I remember that I used to go to this Pentecostal church and they would always talk about the speaking in tongues and receiving the Holy Ghost. There was a lot of talk about being filled with the spirit.

Didn't Feel Anything

I remember not feeling or experiencing anything while in church. I would see the pastor, ministers, and other people in the congregation speaking in tongues and being full of the spirit. I wanted to experience this for myself.

In the Bible, it talks about the day of Pentecost and how people were filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak in tongues as the spirit gave utterance. I thought this was very interesting and wanted to experience it for myself.

Hunger & Thirst After Righteousness

At this point in my life I was hungry and thirsty for God. I wanted more of him. I wanted to know Jesus.

Jeusus said if you seek me, ye shall find mine, and that's exactly what I began to do. I began to seek after Jesus with all my heart , mind, body and soul because I wanted him to come into my heart and change my life.

Youth Camp

The pastor at the church that I attended told me that if I went to the Youth Camp in Florida, I would receive the Holy Ghost.

So, I was super excited about going to the youth camp. I want to be filled with the spirit of God.

Eventually, I went to the camp and it was a lot of fun. They had night services for the youth. I would go and worship and seek after God. The first few nights I didn't feel or experience anything out of the ordinary.

However, one of the nights I felt something in my hands that I had never felt before. It felt like power or electricity was flowing through my hands. It felt like I was in the presence of a supernatural being, a high power, or better yet God. From that moment, I knew that I was onto something.

The Last Night of The Camp

The final night there is when things got really interesting. I remember I was worshiping Jesus and crying out to him with all my heart; I desperately wanted more of him.

There were tears running down my eyes and I just wanted more and more of him. Eventually, I felt the same feeling in my hands as I did the previous night, and then I began to speak in tongues just as the Bible says. It all happened so fast.

Later On That Night

I was very happy that I had received the Holy Spirit. However, later on that night when I was in my room and trying to go to sleep is when things got really interesting.

I started hearing voices and seeing visions. I didn't know why or how it was happening, but it happened. Each time I closed my eyes, I could see the people from my church that I went to the camp with.

I eventually fell asleep and had a dream where I saw Jesus; he was way up in the sky and was dressed in all white. A very bright light came from him.

He then began to tell me that I had received a gift and that I shouldn't be afraid. I then saw these demonic entities that were coming after me. I then woke up feeling amazed and in shock at what I had just experienced.


On the plane ride back I started having visions and seeing angels. It would just happen and I was just in awe of what I was seeing.

Yet, despite this, I wasn't exactly sure what was happening. At this point there was no doubt in my mind that Jesus is real. He was more than real to me; Jesus is alive.

I remember telling my mom that when I close my eyes the darkness would change and I would see visions. I didn't know what they meant they though, but I knew that they must have meant something.

My mom began to ask me questions about my coworkers to see if I could tell her anything about that. I remember I saw a vision where I was walking up the steps of a house, and a voice said to me that Laura was molested by her uncle at her grandmother's house.

I told my mom and she was startled by what I said. The next day while on the elevator she told Laura what I said. Laura then broke down crying and said that it was true and that she never told anyone.

As a result of this, Laura and her husband became Christians. So, God got the glory out of this situation. This was the day that I really knew and believed that I had a gift; it caused me to believe in Jesus even more than I already did.

Jesus is Very Real

As you can see, to me and based on my own real experiences, Jesus is real and is just a myth as some people claim.

This is why I said that people have to get to know Jesus for themselves. A lot of people will research or are influenced by what other people say. However, you have to seek after him for yourself, if not, you'll never know the truth.

God is God and can do whatever he wants to do. In Isaiah it says that God's ways and thoughts are higher than ours.

So, even if God doesn't do anything for me, he is still God. I worship him because of who he is and not because of what he can do for me.


There is so much unbelief in the world. We are living in a world where a lot people have stopped believing in Jesus and it's mainly because they are influenced by other people.

The Bible says that the fool has said in his heart that there is no God; this is the society that we live in.

We Need More Faith

The Bible says in Hebrews that without faith it is impossible to please God. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

So, it's not always about what you can see. Thomas wouldn't believe that Jesus has been raised from the dead unless he saw him, unless he saw the holes in his hands and feet.

Sadly, a lot of people are just like Thomas; full of unbelief and are always looking for signs.

You'd be surprised at how most people exercise faith on a daily basis and don't even know it. I'm talking about when you turn your light on, start your car, or turn the shower on, never doubt or question it. You just believe that it's going to work. So, why can't it be the same with God.


Jesus is real and he's not a myth or a figment of our imagination. So, get to know our lord and savior Jesus Christ today!
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