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Haven't Seen It yet Danny Gokey Lyrics

Have you been praying, any you still have no answers?
Have you been pouring out your heart for many years?
Have you been hoping that things may have changed by now?
Have you cried all the faith you have these many tears
Don’t forget the things He has done before.
Remember He can do it all once more.


It’s like the brightest sunrise waiting on the other side of the darkest night.
Don’t ever lose hope, hold on and believe.
Maybe you just haven’t seen it yet
You are closer than you think you are, only moments from the break of dawn.
All His promises are just up ahead
Maybe you just haven’t seen it yet
Just haven’t seen it yet

He had the solution before you had the problem
He sees the best in you when you feel like your worst
So when questioning don’t ever doubt his love for you
Cause it’s only in his blood that you find to break through


He is moving with the love so deep
Hallelujah for the victory
Good things are coming and even we when can’t see
We can’t see it, but we believe


Hold on, maybe you just haven’t seen it yet
Yes, you are
Hold on, hold on, hold on
Just haven’t seen it yet
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