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Who Are the CHOSEN People of God?


There is very great error and wrong teaching running wild among those who call themselves Christians, and that is the belief that the `Chosen People` in God`s eyes are those called Jews and especially those who live in present-day Israel.

`I will bless those who bless you...and in you all nations will be blessed.` Those words were not spoken to Israel but to Abraham and to `his seed,` which seed was Jesus (as Galatians 3 makes very clear), through whom all nations would be blessed by being offered deliverance FROM SIN and reconciliation with God. Those words were spoken to ABRAHAM, the father of those who please God by having faith. The Israelites/Jews were faithless to the covenant God gave them, abandoning Him for other gods continually, murdering his prophets--and even crucifying his Son. Therefore, he kept his promise to scatter them among the nations.

I greatly admire Netanyahu and support Israel as a friendly democracy, but perhaps in the late 1940s the displaced Jews should have been encouraged to settle in a portion of Germany, for example. There is no biblical, God-given basis for Jews who never had lived in Palestine taking over (and that by acts of Zionist terrorism, if you know history) the territory. The Jews who rejected and still reject Christ are by no means the Chosen People, having been unfaithful to their ancient covenant with God and scattered over the earth as He said he would do. Now he calls all mankind to become his Chosen but only through obedient, continuing faith in his Son in the new covenant. As for Palestinian independence, offers of statehood have been extended, even approved by the Israeli government, but rejected by the Arabs. Neither Jews nor Arabs have a guiltless record with regard to past events. Nevertheless, considering the present state of affairs, I am not at all convinced that the region would be better off with a two-state `solution.` The modern nation of Israel represents today a fait accompli, and its administration is much more democratic and benign than what any Arab/Palestinian nationhood would likely produce--although at present there are much-improved, even friendly, regimes in neighboring Jordan and Egypt. I have been there but am no expert; still, I conclude that Arabs would be better off under Israeli administration--and Israelis much worse off under an Arab/Palestinian government. Neither do I regard a two-state arrangement as necessarily a good development. I personally would rather see the entire area west of the Jordan, including the Gaza strip, under Israeli control--but not because of anything connected with biblical `prophecy` nor with any notion of Jews having favored status with God, a belief which is very mistaken and contradicted by a correct understanding of the epistles.

Too many Americans get their theology and `history` from such as John Hagee. God calls all men to repentant faith and obedience to Jesus Christ. Only those--and all those--who answer that call are become his chosen, his spiritual Zion, God`s church made up of all the redeemed who continually follow His Son. Those of you who really know what Christ and his apostles teach in the New Testament understand who are the true Israel/Zion, the true children of faith, like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Only those who are in Christ are the true children of Abraham, and this is just exactly what the apostles wrote in the New Testament.
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